The RSMS Visa allows employers in regional or low population growth areas of Australia to fill skilled positions that they are unable to fill from the local labour market.

  1. An employer can take part in the scheme if their business is in any areaexcept Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne and Perth.
  2. Employers considering nominating persons under the RSMS may identify suitable nominees in various ways, including:
    • through their efforts in testing the local labour market;
    • personal contact and/or experience with the nominee;
    • recommendation from third parties;
    • Through the department’s Skill Matching program.

Skill Matching Database

  • Skill matching is made possible by the Skill Matching Database. It contains the educational, occupational and personal details of Skilled–Independent category applicants and Skill Matching visa applicants.
  • The Skill Matching Database is updated monthly and distributed to all State and Territory governments and to a network of regional development authorities.
  • Employers can use the database to identify suitable applicants for nomination under the RSMS or Labour Agreements. Applicants nominated from the database do not need to lodge a further visa application.