Step 2) The highest-ranking candidates in the pool will be invited to apply for permanent residence

Candidates will be graded against others in the pool using a point’s based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Points will be awarded on the basis of the information provided in their profiles.

Those who meet the criteria will definitely be accepted into a pool of candidates:

  • Candidates will be assessed against others within the pool and top ranked based on criteria that are known to come up with a newcomer’s economic success in Canada.
  • Only the highest-ranked candidates and those with valid job offers or provincial/territorial nominations will be invited to apply for permanent residence.
  • Anyone who does not have the job offer supported by a Labor Market Impact Assessment or a nomination from a province then they must register themselves with the Employment and Social Development Canada’s Job Bank.

If someone is invited to apply, they will have 60 days to submit an online application for the permanent residence. Candidates can stay in the pool for up to 12 months. In case they do not get an invitation to Apply for permanent residence within the 12 months of submitting an express entry profile, they have to submit a new profile.