Australia accepts people from overseas for permanent settlement in our country under two main migration streams:

  • The Migration Program
  • The Humanitarian Program

The Migration Program caters for all potential applicants wishing to migrate to Australia.


The Migration Program

Potential migrants to Australia are selected based on skills, health, financial resources, age, English language ability and family and business contacts in Australia. Race, gender and culture are not considered at all.

Migrants today fall into two main categories for a place in the Migration Program: half the 70,000 places each year go to skilled migrants as Australia seeks those migrants who have skills and qualifications to improve the Australian society and economy. These categories are:

  • Skilled Migrants
  • Business Migrants

The other half of the Migration Program places go to family reunion and resettlement of former residents and citizens, and for the families of New Zealanders. These categories are:

Family Migrants